Peritoneal Surface Malignancy

The peritoneum is a thin clear membrane (like Saran Wrap or plastic wrap) that consists of two layers.   The outer layer is attached to the inside of the abdominal wall, and the inner layer is wrapped around the organs inside of the abdomen.  The space between the two membranes is called the peritoneal (or abdominal) cavity.  Often appendix cancer spreads to these peritoneal surfaces or to organs in the abdomen before it is discovered.  A cancerous tumor on the surface of the peritoneum is referred to as a peritoneal surface malignancy

 If these tumors are not destroyed or removed, they will result in death, because as they grow they interfere with the functioning of internal organs.  Some other cancers that may metastasize to the peritoneal surfaces and cause peritoneal surface malignancies include ovarian cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer.  Peritoneal Carcinomatosis is a term that means very widespread metastasis of cancerous tumors into the abdomen.  This used to be considered a terminal condition with no available treatment options, but newer treatments of Cytoreduction Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal  Chemotherapy (HIPEC) are currently being used.  Some of the surgeons and facilities offering these treatments are listed here at Physicians and Facilities .

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